Rules and Regulations- Catholic High School League

Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations


Manager/Coach of teams is responsible to the Superintendent, League Director, Principal and Athletic Director.

Under Direction of

Final management is under the direction of the Catholic League.

Video Tape & Cable TV

  1. All T.V. - Radio - Video Broadcast Taping, live or tape media, must be approved by the League Director for all League contests, Play-Offs and Championships.
  2. Permits will be issued from the Catholic League Office upon request by media.
  3. Schools not in an event or contest may not film or video tape contests/events. This applies to all member schools in competition against other member schools. (Reaffirmed April 28, 1998)
  4. Football teams are required to exchange video tapes of two (2) previous games as requested by opponent. This exchange should take place by Tuesday preceding the scheduled game. If both schools use Hudl then schools are required to upload two (2) previous games by Sunday preceding the scheduled game.

Score Report

Both teams are responsible to make sure all varsity, reserve and frosh scores are reported to the League Office (313) 237-5960, win or lose.

Coaches of Teams

  1. Coaches of teams should be faculty members. If a non-faculty coach is used, that coach must be registered with the M.H.S.A.A. before duties are assumed. Coaches must be 18 years of age or older and not a high school student.
  2. Athletic Department staff may be reprimanded, censored, placed on probation or suspended for violation of the rules and regulations or for poor sportsmanship, by the League Director or the Executive Board.
  3. 3. Athletic Department staff members are required to attend scheduled meetings as called by the Catholic League Director. The names of those schools who were not represented and those whose head coach did not attend when required will be published in the minutes of the next Executive Athletic Board Meeting. In addition, the principal shall be notified individually of meeting absence by staff members. (Board approved 1-29-91)


  1. The school and its athletic staff will be held responsible for the behavior of its coaches, students, participants and followers. Principles of good sportsmanship and Christian values must be foremost in athletics.
  2. Teams should not run up a score in any sport at any level. In one sided games it is ethical that the team with the advantage use substitution, altered play and sportsmanlike conduct to avoid injury, embarrassment and harassment of opponents.
  3. See C.H.S.L. Policy & Procedures regarding ejection and disqualifications.
  4. All athletes and parents/guardians should be informed of the specific expectations with regard to sportsmanship. Forms are available from the League Office and are to be completed for every athlete and kept at school. (G) (Board approved 4-30-96)
  5. When a coach or spectator is disqualified during a contest for unsportsmanlike conduct that person shall be prohibited by the school from coaching or attending at least the next contest and/or day of competition for that team. (MHSAA REG V, Sect. 3 (d) #2). (CHSL Board Approved April 29, 1997).

When an athlete is disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct that athlete shall be witheld by the school from at least the next contest and/or day of competition for that team (MHSAA REG V, Sect. 3 (D) #1).

Any coach who is disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct two or more times during a season, any player who is disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct three or more times during a season is not eligible to participate in the remainder of the sport season, and (by MHSAA rule) the MHSAA tournament for that sport.

Within the Catholic League only the portion which excludes an athlete or adult from the remainder of that sport season may be appealed to the League Director.


  1. The Catholic League shall assign all officials for league home contests in all sports, except swimming and track. The League shall assign all Home Varsity Football officials and will, with advance request, assign non-league officials for boys and girls basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball and softball.
  2. Home team pays officials, on site, no more or less than set by the Executive Board.
    1. In the event a contracted official does not show up for a game in basketball (any level), volleyball, (varsity or junior varsity) baseball (junior varsity or varsity) or soccer (one official only, any level) the home school shall compensate the official who works the game alone with additional moneys totaling one-half the fee. (Board approved 5-17-88, amended 9- 11-01).

Eligibility Lists

  1. Form 1, State Eligibility, must be sent to the Catholic League Office and all opponents 5 days prior to the first contest noting transfer students.
  2. The Catholic League Transfer Report Form must be sent to the League Office ONLY, for all sports, all levels. Where no transfers apply, send forms stating "NONE".
  3. When in doubt as to the eligibility of a student, check with the League Director after consulting the State and League Manuals. Schools may not agree to waive any rule and play athletes who are not eligible.
  4. Schools that are negligent in submitting, to the League Office, Eligibility and Transfer Forms, after notice, shall forfeit the next game and succeeding games providing that eligibility forms and transfer forms are not submitted to the League Office prior to their next scheduled league contest.
  5. Transfer students into Boarding schools who are members of the Catholic League shall be eligible immediately (under MHSAA Exception # 13) only if they transfer from a residence/school that is not in the Diocese of Detroit or Lansing. Boarding School transfers that enroll prior to the 4th Friday of September and do not meet this residence exception will become eligible for Catholic League and non-league contests on the 91st school day. Boarding School transfers that enroll after the 4th Friday of September will become eligible for Catholic League and non-league contests on the 181st school day. Boarding school transfer students in grades 10 and 11 that transfer from a residence/school that is in the Diocese of Detroit or Lansing may be eligible immediately for Junior Varsity sports that are offered pending approval from the Catholic League Director. Boarding school transfer students in grades 10 and 11 that transfer from a residence/school that is in the Diocese of Detroit or Lansing may be eligible immediately for Varsity League and Non-league contests pending approval from the Catholic League Executive Board. Effective August 1, 2019. (Board approved, 5-18-84. Revised, March 2019).
  6. Two Semester Team Status (Board Approved 12-12, 2000)
    1. a. The Catholic League may designate a varsity team or an entire athletic program as one whose transfer students will be ineligible for two semesters. This designation may be applied to varsity teams or entire athletic programs by the Catholic League Office for one or more of the following reasons:
    2. A high number of incoming transfers on one school team in a previous semester. The number of transfers will be considered in light of the number of transfers at other league schools, the number of participants in the program and the school enrollment.
    3. Violations of regulations regarding undue influence or athletic motivated transfers.
    4. When deemed appropriate by the League Director a special committee of 5 members of the Executive Board may be convened to meet and review the Green Transfer Reports and other data as it pertains to the above determination.
    5. This "Transfer Committee" shall be chaired by the League Director and shall make a recommendation to the entire Executive Board as to the application of the two semester status.
    6. The Committee members selected by the League Director shall meet at least one week prior to the Executive Board meeting when their recommendation shall be voted upon and then passed on to the Board for approval.
    7. Schools whose programs are under consideration for the two semester status shall be informed of this by the League Office and may make an appearance to both the Transfer Committee and the Executive Board.
    8. The Catholic League Manual's Due Process procedures shall be afforded to any team or school given the two semester designation.

Eligibility after one semester for individual athletes in programs given the two semester designation may appeal to the Catholic League Director for waiver requesting either immediate eligibility or eligibility after one semester. Only requests for waiver in accordance with MHSAA regulations will be heard.


  1. Dates, time and site of League matches shall not be changed after the Master Schedule is printed without the approval of:
    1. The League Director
    2. Payment of previous contracted officials to the League Office.
    3. Approval of opponents.
  2. All changes in schedules must be approved by the League Director. In his absence the Associate Director may grant approval.
  3. Cancellations of contest can only be made when emergency conditions exist and cancellation or change is approved by the League Director.
  4. Members of the Catholic League are not to schedule non-league contests without the approval of the League Director. This pertains especially to out of state contests, tournaments, "classics" or out of the ordinary games or meets. To avoid conflicts with Playoffs, Championships and League Schedules, contact the League Office.
  5. Any school not completing the scheduled league contests and league commitments (Play-offs - Tournaments - Meets - Matches), will not be eligible for League Play-offs, Meets/Matches, Sectional Championships, Awards and will be suspended, in all sports, from league schedules for one (1) year. (Effective April 1, 1986). Schools in violation shall not be allowed to compete with member schools in good standing. This Rule encompasses all boys and girls, league varsity sports including Cheerleading and Pom Pon. The League Director may approve and grant cancellation when judged necessary.
  6. Check with your opponent, one (1) week in advance to see if all necessary arrangements have been made for your contest: time, place, seating, tickets, color of jersey, parking, locker rooms, crowd control, security, etc.
  7. It is a violation of Catholic League Regulations for a school to schedule a contest in an attempt to alter the "next contest or day of competition penalty" imposed for an ejection. Questionable adjustments to the published schedule shall be determined by the League Director. (Board approved 12-10-91).
  8. Due to the shortage of officials in baseball, softball and boys/girls soccer, a deadline date shall be set by the League Office as the absolute final date to change a scheduled game. After this established deadline date (schedule review/non-league officials request form date) only games changed due to acts of God (rain out-lightening) will be rescheduled with officials assigned by the League office. Games changed in these three sports for any reason other than weather cancellation will not be rescheduled after the deadline date and may be declared a forfeit against the school requesting change. Freshmen and JV games cancelled for weather reasons will only be rescheduled one time. (League Office Directive July 15, 1998).
  9. Regular Season Contest Delays
    1. If a team fails to arrive for a regular season contest at the time stated on the contract, it will be necessary for the host administration to delay the contest, declare the game forfeited, reschedule the contest, or declare the event "no contest".
    2. If the host management has been notified of the reason for the delay and projected arrival, the officials must stand by for 60 minutes beyond the scheduled starting time. When the team arrives, with or without notification within the allotted time (30 or 60 minutes), a reasonable amount of time must be provided for the visiting team to conduct a pre game warm-up. In any case, warm-up may not be less than 15 minutes.
    3. If the host management has not been notified that there is a delay and the reason for it, the officials have permission to leave the site, without obligation, 30 minutes after the contracted start time has passed. (Board Approved March 7, 2000).

Forfeits, Canceling a Sport or Team

  1. Penalties for Forfeits: A team once indicating participation in a sport, to the League Office, failing to fulfill any scheduled contests may be fined an amount equal to the entry fee for that particular sport for each contest forfeited, plus expenses incurred to hold the contest. In the event any school forfeits more than three (3) contests in one (1) year, that team may not be eligible to compete in a League Championship at that seasons end or on a League Championship basis for one (1) school year, in that sport.
  2. Schools canceling a sport prior to season, but after schedules have been distributed, shall forfeit any entry fee.
  3. When a team is dropped after schedules have been distributed the Principal must sign and send a letter to the League Director stating the reason the team is discontinued. The school must also notify all opponents in writing. (Board approved 9-13-88).


  1. In all League scheduled events, individual schools, coaches, etc. are not permitted to award special awards, charge assessments, or entry fees other than those designated by the League Office. This applies to all sports and levels, including freshmen and junior varsity tournament fees.
  2. Schools may not sell assessment tickets to a league member. Schools may not purchase assessment tickets from member schools. Schools are urged to sell or distribute tickets, in their own community, to improve attendance at championship games.
  3. PASSES: No passes will be honored, except those passes issued by the Director of the League. These league passes are definitely to be honored at any game, either league or non-league and are to be used by the COACH/ADMINISTRATOR OR HIS/HER IMMEDIATE FAMILY ONLY.
  4. See C.H.S.L. Financial Policy, League Fees, Officials Fees.
  5. A school faculty/staff Photo Identification Card shall admit the faculty/school staff member to any athletic event at any Catholic League member school, regardless of the opponents. These ID's are not to be transferred to others and admit only the faculty/staff person pictured. The previous school year's photo ID will be honored until October 1 to allow schools time to obtain current year cards. These photo ID cards shall also be honored at all Catholic League Playoffs and Championships where possible, excluding the Silverdome and Tiger Stadium. Photo ID of this nature should not be used by non-teaching athletic staff as each school's coaches are issued sufficient passes by the League Office each fall to admit coaching staff. (Board approved 4-28-98).

Playoffs and Championships

  1. No league member will schedule a contest at Play-off or Championship sites without the written approval of the League Director (Board approved 5-12-81, reaffirmed 1/23/95).
  2. Schools may not schedule any non-league contest at any level on the dates of playoff, championship or Operation Friendship in that sport; e.g., basketball may not be played on the dates of basketball first round, quarter, or semi.
    1. a. Schools whose teams are participating in a playoff Championship or Operation Friendship may not schedule or be in any non-league contest in any sport on those days. There shall be no non-league contest of any kind scheduled on the date of the Catholic League Championship in Football, Boys and Girls Basketball, Volleyball, *Softball and *Baseball. (*Exception permitted for MHSAA pre-district or qualifier, CHSL baseball and softball quarter finals or semi-finals at home sites, or all team district or regional as in X-Country.) Other sports are all team championships: X-Country, swimming, track, golf, tennis. Consideration may be given by the League Director when weather or emergency conditions cause a last minute rescheduling of a Catholic League Championship. (Board approved 5/1/90 amended 10-9-02).
  3. See Completion of Schedules, Penalties for Forfeits.

Michigan High School Athletic Association

  1. Members of the Catholic League shall present all appeals and inquiries of Rules and Regulations to the M.H.S.A.A., only after they have first been presented to the League Director. This applies to all Coaches and Administrators.
  2. Any member school wishing to request reclassification for State Tournaments or Meets in the M.H.S.A.A. must receive PRIOR Executive Athletic Board approval before any petition or request is made to the M.H.S.A.A. (Board approved 5-10- 88).
  3. Any member school wishing to enter into a Cooperative Program in the
    1. a. M.H.S.A.A. must receive PRIOR Executive Athletic Board approval before any petition or request is made to the M.H.S.A.A. In sports not directly sponsored by the league, member schools are required to inform the Executive Board of their intent to enter into a Cooperative Program. (Board approved 9-10-91).
  4. All athletic personnel should be knowledgeable of the Rules and Regulations of both the M.H.S.A.A. and the C.H.S.L.

Physical Examination/Assumption of Risk Forms

  1. All athletes, participants, tryout candidates should be informed, in very specific terms, of the possibilities of injury. "Assumption of risk" forms are available from the League and are to be completed for every athlete and kept at the school.
  2. All students participating in athletics must have a current physical examination, plus Assumption of Risk/Insurance - Expectations in Educational Athletics Form on file in the school's office.
  3. It is strongly recommended that all schools complete an emergency medical treatment parental consent form that is present at all athletic events. Many hospitals will only honor these forms if they are notarized.

Junior Varsity Championships

  1. The Catholic League shall implement J.V. Sectional Championships. (Board approved 5-10-88).
  2. Junior Varsity players must meet all eligibility requirements.
  3. Must not be a senior, or in the 7th or 8th semester.
  4. Must comply with all MHSAA Rules and Regulations, specifically game and date limitations.
  5. All rosters are frozen (meaning no downward movement) with three league dates remaining, in all sports except football where rosters will be frozen with one league game remaining.
  6. The League Director may conduct a post season J.V. Championship Tournament in boys and girls basketball. Logistics to be determined by the Director.
  7. Only Freshmen are eligible for Freshmen teams.
  8. Junior Varsity and Freshmen teams may be presented trophies for winning their regular season sectional championships. (Board approved 4-28-98).

All matters of Rules

Regulations and Policy not covered in the C.H.S.L. Manual, shall be decided and administered by the League Director.

Undue Influence Rule - MHSAA Regulation I, Section 10

The use of undue influence for athletic purposes by any person or persons directly or indirectly associated with a student, a student’s parents, the school or its athletic program to secure or encourage the attendance of a student or the student’s parents or guardians as residents of the school district, shall cause the student to become ineligible for interscholastic scrimmages or contests a minimum of 90 scheduled school days and a maximum of four years. The offending school shall be placed on probation for up to four years and offending individuals disconnected from the program. The offending coach or coaches shall not be permit- ted to coach at that school for up to four years in any sport and shall not coach for up to four years at any other member school in any MHSAA tournament in any sport. Examples of undue influence would include but not be limited to offers of or acceptance of: residential relocation, financial aid to parents, guardians or student; reduced or eliminated tuition and/or fees; any special privileges not accorded to other students, whether athletes or not; transportation allowances; preference in job assignments; room, board or clothing; promotional efforts and admission policies for athletes which are in excess of efforts for other students.

INTERPRETATIONS—SECTION 10 (from 2018-19 MHSAA Handbook)

  1. Funds which have been donated to schools by clubs and individuals may be given as financial aid to students through the normal financial aid program of the school for all students, without regard to athletic potential. Fi- nancial aid based even partially on athletic potential or performance is not permitted from the school or from groups that exist because of or for the benefit of the school (e.g., booster clubs).
  2. Individuals not exclusively representing athletic interests of a high school may make general presentations (not just athletic) or conduct open houses to 6th, 7th and 8th-grade students (not just athletes). There should be a diversity of presenters, speaking on a variety of topics to students of all interests. While students already enrolled in the 9th grade or higher at another high school may attend “Open Houses,” the programs should be designed for 6th, 7th and 8th graders.
  3. In addition to what is permitted at Interpretation 101 above, high school coaches or athletic directors may con- duct once each school year for each sport – at the high school building for all feeder schools or at each of the feeder schools as defined below – a sport specific group presentation to a group of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students and/or their parents assembled in advance by the school for the purpose of encouraging students to participate in specific sports when enrolled in that high school. Once each school year for each sport sponsored by that high school these presentations may be conducted for junior high/middle school teams or groups of students from schools which either (1) are subject to the same governing board, or (2) are of the same religious denomination as the high school and from which at least 25 percent of the students in the previous year’s 8th grade attended that high school. (Single gender high schools count only 8th grade students of that gender.)
  4. These sport specific group presentations must adhere to all applicable Undue Influence Interpretations and the following:
  5. They must be voluntary on the part of the junior high/middle school (a school or team may decline to permit the presentation).
  6. They may only be conducted at the high school or junior high/middle school building, regular practice location for the junior high/middle school team, or a facility/location jointly operated and governed by the high school and junior high/middle school.
  7. They may not be held in conjunction with regular season high school or junior high/middle school contests or MHSAA tournament competitions (on the same day, site or time as an interscholastic scrimmage or con- test).
  8. Informational communication (written or oral) announcing the starting dates of practices and other allowed summer activity may be distributed to groups of 8th grade students (not individuals) on or after April 1, pro- vided they are informational only and confined to students who have formally registered an intention to attend that high school in the fall or who attend a junior high/middle school which has a relationship to a high school as described above (same governing board or religious denomination and 25 percent previous enrollment).
  9. It is a violation of this Section for a coach or any other unauthorized representative of a school to suggest or promise that any part of tuition will be waived for a prospective student for any reason, including financial need. The only person who may address the possibility of fee reduction is that person who has specific responsibility for admissions and financial aid policies and procedures.
  10. If it is a faculty member’s responsibility to recruit students (not just athletes) and that person makes such con- tact irrespective of athletic eligibility, such contact is permitted. However, except as permitted under Interpretations 101 and 102, anything done for athletes that is not done in a comparable fashion for all students is undue influence.
  11. When a student at a junior high/middle school or other high school, or the parents of that student, contacts the coach about attending the coach’s school, the coach shall refer the student or parent to the appropriate school personnel (those who have the responsibilities for seeking and processing prospective students). It is not a coach’s role to explain or encourage a transfer student in how to gain interscholastic athletic eligibility. There should be no contact or communication regarding enrollment between coaches and potential transfer students or their parents.
  12. Except as permitted under Interpretations 101 and 102, a high school coach may not initiate contact with a student at a junior high/middle school or other high school, or the parents of that student, about attendance at the school. It is not a violation for a coach to have normal community contact with a student who attends a junior high/middle school of the same system which is a feeder to the high school.
  13. Normal community contact may include but is not limited to that which is unavoidable, brief, incidental to other intentions and without prior knowledge that it is likely to occur.
  14. It is a violation of the undue influence regulation if coaches or their representatives call, send questionnaires, cards, electronic messages or letters or visit prospective athletes and their families at their homes.
  15. High school coaches or their representatives may not attend school or non- school games or camps or cometitions for the purpose of evaluating or recruiting prospective athletes.
  16. High school coaches and administrators may not request booster clubs, players or alumni from the high school to discuss the merits of their athletic program with prospective athletes or their parents by phone, through electronic messages, in person or through letters.
  17. Except for MHSAA Tournaments, any high school may allow all students of any junior high/middle school (not just athletes) to attend its athletic events without charge. See Interpretation 140 for high school team admission.
  18. A coach may conduct an athletic camp at his or her school or another site during the summer if enrollment at the camp is open to all students at all schools. The coach is subject to the limitations of Regulation II, Section 11(H)
  19. Persons “indirectly associated with the school” include but are not limited to parents of alumni, players, booster club members and representatives of non- school athletic programs. Such persons are prohibited from providing or performing any of the examples of undue influence listed in this Section and its Interpretations.
  20. Only those schools which qualify as boarding schools under Section 9 (Interpretation 94), may provide any assistance for room and board and only if based on financial need. In no other schools may room and board expense be included in the determination of school expenses and financial need.
  21. It is an undue influence violation for a person directly or indirectly associated with a school or for a person whose activities are related to athletics to arrange, secure or encourage the arrival or residency of a student into a school district or the enrollment of a student into a school based on athletic ability or potential. It is undue influence for a student of one school to encourage because of athletics the relocation to their community or transfer to their school by students who are enrolled in another school.

Request for Review

The Principal of a member school receiving a transfer student from another member school, who does not meet one of the exceptions to the MHSAA transfer regulation, must complete a Request for Review prior to the student attending a class. The Catholic League Director, with input from school principals or others may determine that the student will be ineligible for two full semesters. The new school should inform the student and parents that the Request for Review has been initiated and of the possibility of two semesters of ineligibility prior to the student attending even one class. (Board approved 1-23-07)