Basketball Operation Friendship- Catholic High School League

boys Basketball Operation Friendship

Operation Friendship

2023Birmingham Brother Rice (O.T.)69Detroit Cass Tech68
2022Orchard Lake St. Mary's Prep50Detroit M.L. King49
2021N/A - COVID 19
2020Orchard Lake St. Mary's Prep70Detroit Cass Tech65
2019University of Detroit Jesuit79Detroit Cass Tech59
2018University of Detroit Jesuit68DEPSA63
2017University of Detroit Jesuit65Detroit Cass Tech53
2016University of Detroit Jesuit92Detroit East English Village76
2015Detoit Western58University of Detoit Jesuit49
2013Detroit Pershing74University of Detroit Jesuit59
2012Novi Detroit Catholic Central56Detroit M. L. King48
2011Warren De La Salle55Detroit Southeastern49
2010Detroit Pershing77Warren De La Salle50
2009Detroit Pershing82Warren De La Salle75
2008Orchard Lake St. Mary's Prep73Detroit Northwestern59
2007Orchard Lake St. Mary's Prep81Detroit Redford79
2006Detroit Redford66Orchard Lake St. Mary's Prep63
2005Detroit St. Martin DePorres57Detroit Redford55
2004Detroit Renaissance61Orchard Lake St. Mary's Prep32
2003Detroit Renaissance57Detroit St. Martin DePorres50
2002Detroit Finney59Warren De La Salle47
2001Redford Detroit Catholic Central72Detroit Central70
2000Orchard Lake St. Mary's Prep57Detroit Renaissance54
1999Detroit M. L. King63Orchard Lake St. Mary's Prep55
1998Detroit Cass Tech73Redford Bishop Borgess68
1997Detroit Denby69Redford Detroit Catholic Central56
1996Detroit Pershing88Redford Detroit Catholic Central69
1995Detroit Pershing58Detroit St. Marin DePorres50
1994Detroit Murray-Wright79Redford Detroit Catholic Central61
1993Southgate Aquinas59Detroit Cass Tech56
1992Detroit Cooley73University of Detroit Jesuit59
1991Detroit Southwestern84Detroit St. Martin DePorres55
1990Detroit Southwestern84Birmingham Brother Rice51
1989Detroit Southwestern85Redford Detroit Catholic Central44
1988Detroit Southwestern62Warren De La Salle58
1987Detroit Southwestern92Redford Bishop Borgess64
1986Detroit Northern60Southgate Aquinas54
1985Detroit St. Martin DePorres58Detroit Southwestern57
1984Detroit Mackenzie70Detroit St. Martin DePorres53
1983Detroit Southwestern53Redford Detroit Catholic Central52
1982Detroit Southwestern57Birmingham Brother Rice45
1981Detroit Southwestern67Birmingham Brother Rice60
1980Detroit Central74Redford Detroit Catholic Central45
1979Detroit Murray-Wright70Birmingham Brother Rice60
1978Royal Oak Shrine50Detroit Northwestern50
1977Detroit Cass Tech54Dearborn Divine Child69
1976Detroit Northeastern72Detroit Catholic Central44
1968Detroit Catholic Central57Detroit Murray-Wrigh45
1967Detroit Northwestern84Detroit Visitation59
1966Detroit Austin69Detroit Northwestern68
1965Detroit Northwestern71Detroit Holy Redeemer55
1964Detroit Northwestern49Grosse Pointe St. Paul42
1963Grosse Pointe St. Paul55Detroit Pershing46
1962Detroit Eastern56Grosse Pointe St. Paul30
1961Detroit Eastern56Detroit Catholic Central53
1960Detroit Eastern69Detroit Holy Redeemer52
1959Detroit Eastern56Detroit Holy Redeemer41
1958Detroit Austin63Detroit Northeastern40
1957Detroit Northwestern42Detroit All Saints32
1956Detroit St. Andrew61Detroit Southeastern58
1955Detroit Cass Tech59Royal Oak Shrine43
1954Detroit Northwestern53River Rouge O. L. of Lourdes50
1953Detroit Southwestern43Wyandotte Mt. Carmel41
1947Detroit Miller47Detroit St. Joseph34