Cheerleading Regulations- Catholic High School League

girls Cheerleading Regulations


  1. All cheerleaders will have on file at the school a current physical examination and assumption of risk/proof of insurance form.
  2. The Catholic League will adopt the MHSAA requirements and format for its League championship (to be called CHSL competitive cheer competition). All member schools sponsoring cheerleading and competing in any cheerleading competition must compete in the MHSAA sponsored state tournament. (Board approved April 28, 1998).
    1. Catholic League cheerleaders are to follow the "Specific Safety Guidelines" published by the MHSAA for all contest cheering and all outside competitions.
  3. Schools will utilize one varsity cheerleading team for their fall sports and conduct a new tryout for the winter/competitive cheer team no sooner than November 1. (Board approved Sept. 15, 1993).
    1. These tryouts may or may not result in the same squad as in the fall.
    2. Schools shall have only one team for both competitive cheer and winter sports with a maximum of 15 members: no mare than 12 of which may compete at state and league competition. These 15 team members may be interchanged in contest cheering and in each round of competition. (Board Approved Sept. 15, 1993.)
  4. Catholic League Cheerleading Squads are to participate in the Catholic League Competetive Cheerleading Championships if they compete in any cheerleading competition during the school year. (See CHSL Regulation 9, E). (Board adopted April 28, 1998).
  5. The Role of the Cheerleader: Executive Board adoption May 1982.
    1. The principal, athletic director and coaches within each school set the objectives and goals for their cheerleading squads.
    2. Strong emphasis on building school and League spirit.
    3. Cheerleaders display proper modesty and values. Eliminate moves, songs, words and unsportsmanlike conduct.
    4. All cheers be positive and directed to your own teams and fans. No put down cheers of your opponents, fans or referees.
    5. Cheerleading serves a dual function. First as promotion of school spirit and second as a school team in performance and competition.