Cross-Country Regulations- Catholic High School League

boys Cross-Country Regulations


  1. In Dual, Triangular or Quadangular Meets, any number of contestants may compete that is mutually agreed upon by the competing schools. Five (5) only from each school shall count.
  2. A contestant in a cross country meet may not run a distance greater than 5,000 meters.
  3. Starting time for all meets will be 4:00 p.m., unless mutually agreed upon by both schools.
  4. It is recommended that a student run not more than two (2) meets a week.
  5. Schedules of Dual meets must be followed. Any changes must be approved.


  1. Catholic League Finalist and Champion Trophies and Medals to each of the four races. 7 squad medals to each team receiving one of four Championship trophies. First 20 Finishers in each of four races. Top 15 in each race are considered shall be designated as All-Catholic. C.H.S.L. medals may be awarded differently. (clarification - August, 1994).
  2. Any contestant on the eligibility sheet may be entered. Seven (7) may run; five (5) will be scored.
  3. A card or stick will be given runners while they are in the chute. Please have them stay in line until the contestant has turned his card/stick in to the checker. Upon leaving the checker's table, the contestant is to take his placing card to his coach; coaches are to fill out additional information. After collecting all his team cards, he reports directly to the scoring table with the cards.
  4. The course is clearly marked, with arrows, around the entire layout and flags placed at all strategic places. Coaches should walk the course with their team prior to the races so questions relative to the course may be clarified. Natural hazards have been used whenever possible.
  5. Inspectors will be at all major turns and critical points. All protests, disqualifications and disputes will be settled by the starter and meet director.
  6. Starting position will be assigned by the Meet Director by means of a drawing.


Only one (1) team shall be declared Sectional Champions. Teams A and B tie in standing. If A beat B, then A is declared Champion. If there is a three-way tie in Sectional, then the team scoring the best in the League meet shall be declared Sectional Champion.

During League Dual meets, the National Federation rules will apply which involve using the sixth place finisher to break ties.

"During league Meets a tie in scoring shall be resolved by comparing the 6th place finishers from the tying teams. The team with the best 6th place finisher shall prevail. If one team does not have a 6th place finisher, the team with the 6th place finisher shall prevail." (Board approved 9-13-88).