Football Regulations- Catholic High School League

boys Football Regulations


(Executive Athletic Board approved 9-8-15)

  1. Fields should be properly marked. On rentals, home team should follow up and check sites prior to date of contest.
  2. All league Play-Offs and Championship games shall follow the M.H.S.A.A. Tie-Breaker and Mercy Rules. "See football tie breaker #4A."
  3. Reserve and Frosh games that end in a tie during regulation time, will remain as such.
  4. Football teams are required to exchange video tapes of two (2) previous games as requested by opponent. This exchange should take place by Tuesday preceding the scheduled game. If both schools use Hudl then schools are required to upload two (2) previous games by Sunday preceding the scheduled game.
  5. Incomplete Varsity Football Schedules: When a Varsity football team is dropped in the middle of the season, the following shall be used to determine sectional championship and possible Prep Bowl berth: For the sake of standings in Varsity Football, if a team is unable to field a team or drops varsity football altogether once it has played one league game, the remaining games on the schedule become forfeits for those remaining teams. (This is the opposite of MHSAA policy.) In addition, if receiving zero points for a forfeit would have an impact on point accumulation in the case of ties, then none of the teams affected would receive points for the game they played the team that subsequently dropped.

8-Man Football - J. V.

The smaller enrollment sections of the Catholic League may play 8-Man J.V. Football. When both schools agree at least five days in advance, the game may be played with 11 players.

The decision to play 11 man or 8 man shall be made verbally between school athletic directors or head varsity football coaches the week prior to the game on the Tuesday preceeding.

The Tuesday notification allows teams to practice for the week prior knowing 8 or 11 man rules will apply.

Schools who have sufficient numbers of players are encouraged to contact the opponent and check their numbers status to see if 11 man is possible. Rather than make the game a scrimmage or cancel the contest, an 8 man game should be played.

The 8 man football differences are in the National Federation Rule Book. (Board approved December 8, 1992.)

Tie In Standings

In case of a tie between two or more teams for first place, upon completion of the league schedule, the winner will be decided by the 21 minus point system.

  1. No team will receive more than 21 points. Loss equals zero points.
  2. If two (2) teams tie for first place, the winner will be the team which won the game played by these two teams.
  3. If more than two teams are tied for first place upon completion of the league schedule, we will revert back to the games played by these teams. E.g., If team A has beaten both Team B & C; Team A will be declared the winner. However, if Team B beats C, Team C beats B A and Team B A beats A B, then we will use the 21 minus point system involving the scores against each other.
  4. If a tie still exists between 2 teams based on the 21 point rule among common league opponents, we would determine the winner (or higher place in standings) based upon the winner of the game played between the tied teams. (Board adopted April 26, 1994.)

In other words, any time we have two teams tied (same records and 21 point system totals) we revert to the head to head game between the tied teams. The 21 Point system is still in place as the tie breaker when more than 2 teams are tied with the same record and 21 point system totals and no team defeated all the others. This decreases the use of the margin of victory points as has been the case for several years and uses winner of the head to head game whenever possible. If a tie still exists, between more than two teams, (records the same and 21 point margin totals the same, we will compute the points against all common opponents. The winner will be the team with the highest total points. -- For Example:

  1. Team A scores 40 points and Team B scores 30
    Team A receives +10 Team B receives 0
  2. Three-Way Tie
    1 2 3
    Scores: Team A 22 18
    Team B 7 7
    Team C 6 48

    Points by game: A 15 B 1 A 0
    B 0 C 0 C 21
    Total Points: A = 15 B = 1 C = 21 (C declared winner).
  3. If a tie still exists, where total points are the same, we will then compute the 21 points rule vs. all common league opponents.
  4. It is hoped that this system will encourage more substitution in games, and the team in contention will not jeopardize its position if their opponents score.
    1. No team shall run up a score on an opponent. Once a team reaches a 35 point advantage, the running of the game clock shall be altered. (MHSAA Adoption May 1994.)
      In one-sided games, it is ethical that the team with the advantage use substitution and sportsmanlike conduct to avoid injury and harassment of opponents. See CHSL Regulations 5 B, 6 B,C)
    2. League games, plus cross-overs, Play-Offs, Championships shall be scheduled and administered by the League Director.
    3. No games may be played on C.H.S.L. Play-off or Championship dates.