Golf Regulations- Catholic High School League

boys Golf Regulations


(Executive Athletic Board approved 9-8-15)

  1. All league dual matches are to start no later than 4:00 p.m., unless mutually agreed upon by both principals.
  2. All questioned penalties are to be settled before leaving the course. The Club Pro may settle the question or by Gentleman's Agreement. Host school course management and host school coach will determine if the following will be in effect prior to the start of Double Dual matches.
    1. Golfers who are still on the fairway after seven strokes are allowed to pick up their ball and place it within fifteen feet of the hole. The golfer then has three strokes to putt out (Maximum score could be 10/minimum could be 8).
  3. The Championship and dual matches will be decided by medal play.
  4. All Dual or Double Dual matches will consist of nine (9) holes. All Championship matches will consist of 18 holes.
  5. No player may practice on the same course to be used for the matches of championship meets, on the day of the Championship Match.
  6. Each school must be accompanied by a faculty sponsor or coach, at all meets. Violation of this rule will result in forfeit. (See Penalties for Forfeits, CHSL Regulation 10 A)
  7. Ties in the League dual meet season will be settled by counting the scores of the 5th place golfers. If a tie still exists, then the score of the 6th place golfer shall be counted. In the event that one team does not have a 5th or 6th golfer, then the winner will be the team with the 5th or 6th golfer. (Board approved 9-12-89).
  8. Schools will make their own arrangements for courses. A fee will be charged for each practice and match round. Coaches may also play with their team for the same fee. A maximum of nine (9) holes may be played on any one day. Foursomes will be assigned to front or back nines at the discretion of the starter. If the course permits and within a safe distance, spectators are allowed to follow players during matches and the CHSL Championship. Spectators should not communicate with golfers.
  9. It is a CHSL regulation that in regular season matches and in the Catholic League Championship match, coaches are not to give advice to any player after play has started (club selection, how to play holes, etc.). In addition, players should not communicate with teammates or opponents except within the bounds of good sportsmanship. It is acceptable for coaches and teammates to discuss course layout - items of common knowledge such as yard markers, location of hazards, out of bounds or other obstructions.

Schools will follow all Course rules and regulations.

Tie Breaker
In case of a tie between two (2) or more teams for first place, upon completion of the league schedule, the winner will be decided by the following: If Team A beats B twice, Team A is the Sectional Champion. If each beat one another, then the tie shall be broken at the Catholic League Meet.