Adidas promo code- Catholic High School League

Adidas promo code

Sep 30, 2023

Adidas Continues Sponsorship of CHSL!

Great news, sports enthusiasts, and supporters of the Catholic High School League (CHSL)! We are excited to announce that Adidas has decided to continue their partnership as an official sponsor of CHSL. This ongoing collaboration means even more opportunities to benefit student-athletes and CHSL programs.

Adidas is extending its offer of up to 25% off select purchases when you use the special discount code DCL19ADP. This amazing deal remains available on a wide range of high-quality Adidas products, from footwear to clothing and accessories. Whether you're a student-athlete or a devoted sports fan, this discount is for you.

What's particularly exciting is that every time you make a purchase using the discount code DCL19ADP, Adidas will continue to make generous donations to the CHSL. Your shopping choices directly contribute to the growth and development of the Catholic High School League's student-athletes.

Here's how you can be part of this ongoing support:

Visit the Adidas website.

Choose your favorite Adidas products.

At checkout, enter the discount code DCL19ADP to enjoy your savings.

Rest easy, knowing that your purchase continues to make a positive impact on CHSL programs.

Adidas' steadfast commitment to CHSL underscores the importance of fostering strong connections between sports and education. By choosing Adidas, you're not only getting top-tier sports gear but also playing an active role in the CHSL community's growth.

Spread the word, gear up, and show your enduring support for CHSL by shopping at Adidas with the discount code DCL19ADP. Together, we can keep the spirit of sportsmanship alive and thriving in our schools!

Thank you for your continued support. With Adidas and CHSL working together, we can make an even greater difference in the lives of young athletes in the Catholic High School League. #AdidasxCHSL #SupportCHSL #SportingExcellence