Soccer Regulations- Catholic High School League

boys Soccer Regulations


  1. Have officials approve and sign score sheet at the end of each game.
  2. Home team must provide the necessary money, ready at game time, to pay officials. In addition, home game management includes the setting up of a "scoring area" - preferably a table with a substitute horn and official scorer. The MHSAA now requires that a scorekeeper be present before any soccer game begins. (MHSAA Adopted May, 1994)
  3. Physical or verbal abuse of officials will not be tolerated. Direct suspension may result. Infractions reported to the League Office shall require the coach to appear before the League Director. (See CHSL Regulations 5 and 6)
  4. C.H.S.L. Soccer standings will be three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie game. During league play, there will be no play-off of ties, except in the C.H.S.L. Play-Off or Championship games. (Same tie breaking method as in MHSAA tournament). Golden Goal will end an overtime contest.
  5. Strict enforcement and reporting Red Cards to the League Office will result in a one (1) League game disqualification for the first Red Card; two (2) League games for the second during the season, and suspension for the season on the third Red Card. The above applies to players and coaches. Enforcement of disqualified games is the responsibility of the coach and the athletic director.
  6. Mercy rule: A game shall be terminated when a team reaches an eight (8) goal advantage after the first half is complete.
  7. Suspended games: In the event a game must be suspended because of conditions which make it impossible to continue play, the head referee shall declare it an official game if 1 complete half or more of the game has been played. If less than 1 half of the game has been played, the game will be restarted from the suspension of play.
  8. It is strongly recommended that a school administrator be present at each contest. That administrator should introduce him/herself to the head referee prior to the game.
  9. National Federation State High School Association rules shall apply in all other situations.

Tie-Breaking Method

In case of a tie for Sectional Championship (or play-off position), at the end of regulation sectional schedule, the winner of the Section will be decided by the following:

  1. If two or more teams are tied in the standings at the end of regular sectional play for first place or for a playoff spot, the winner will be decided by comparing the margin of victory up to five (5) goals in the contests between the tied teams only. Loss equals zero points.
    1st Game Team A 3
    Team B 1
    A +2
    2nd Game Team A 2
    Team B 4
    B +2
  2. If a tie still exists, then a goal system of plus five (5) of all common league opponents will be used. Loss equals zero points.