Swimming Regulations- Catholic High School League

girls Swimming Regulations


(Executive Athletic Board approved 9-13-22)

1. The League Office recommends that all swim coaches be registered in the State as a swim official.

2. A registered-certified lifesaving person should be present at all practices and meets.

3. A student may not enter the Championship Meet if his or her high school does not have a team entered in the Catholic League. The League Director may grant waiver provided League Fees are paid.

4. A contestant having been entered in any event may not be scratched or withdrawn from this event and the entry changed to another event.

5. The EVENTS and their ORDER will be determined by the ratification of the Michigan High School Athletic Association.


1. No CHSL dual meets will be scheduled the week before or the week of the CHSL Championship Meet.

2. Tri-Meets, Double Duals, and Quad meets are encouraged.

Dual Meets:

1. All CHSL dual meets will begin at 6 PM, and Warm Up at 5 PM. Changes to start times may be changed if agreeable by all coaches.

2. All CHSL dual meet facility locations will have proper timing systems and diving facilities to host a dual meet. If the scheduled home team cannot provide adequate facilities they must defer their home meet to the visiting team.

3. It is recommended that all meet locations have backup timers with stopwatches as well as someone to operate the backup buttons.

4. Diving: See the diving section for further instructions.

Exhibition Events at CHSL Dual Meets:

1. Exhibition events will be run at the same time as varsity events. Exhibition heats will run before the varsity/scoring heat.

2. By mutual agreement of participating head coaches, the number of exhibition heats allowed will be decided for each event.

3. Diving Exhibition: See the diving section for further instructions

Championship Information

1. Admission fees to the Championship Meet will be set by the Catholic League Director.

2. A contestant may compete only in the legal number of events.

3. Each team will be allowed an A and B relay, only the A relay will score. Each team is allowed unlimited entries. Only 4 athletes per event may score. The remaining athletes must be marked as exhibition athletes. Each athlete is allowed a maximum of 4 events, either 3 relays, and one individual race or 2 relays and 2 individual races. Exhibition events count towards an athlete's event total.

4. The number of divers may not be more than four (4) from each school. Each contestant shall submit a list of their dives on the entry form.

5. For relays, only one (1) team from each school allowed to score in the Championship Meet.

6. There shall be no changes in the relay teams after you have qualified for the Finals, unless they are on your entry sheet

7. A diver cannot change his/her dives after the preliminaries begin. Each diver must deliver, before the preliminaries begin, a statement of his/her dives to the Meet Director, the day of the Meet. However, diver’s names must be entered on the entry form.

8. No practice will be allowed until two (2) hours before the Meet, at the Championship site.

9. Catholic League Swim records may be set in the preliminaries or Finals of the Meet.

10. The eight (8) best contestants, in all swim events, will qualify for the Finals.

11. Lanes for the preliminaries and the Finals will be assigned by having the fastest time placed on the center line and so on to the outside lanes.

Championship Scoring:

1. Free Style & Medley Relays: 32-26-24-22-20-18-14-12-10-8-6-4-2

2. Individual Events: 16-13-12-11-10-9-8-5-4-3-2-1

3. Dual Meets: scoring per National Federation Rule Book.

4. In the Case of ties, the points will be divided equally.

Deadline date for Swim Championship entries will be one (1) week prior to the preliminary date.

**Revisions/Additions made after the deadline given by the League Meet Manager WILL NOT be accepted and those student athletes will be deemed disqualified for that event (3.1.2023).

Honor Team:

1. The top 3 finishers in both individual and relay events will be considered All-Catholic.

2. Individual event finishers of fourth through sixth place will be considered All-League.

3. Each coach will select one senior to be considered All-Academic.


CHSL Dual Meets:

1. The meet referee and diving coaches will judge diving. In the event that a diving coach is not present, the head coach from that school will judge diving. Two coaches from the same school are not allowed to judge diving.

2. Athletes, managers, and volunteers are not allowed to judge diving.

CHSL Diving Championships:

1. Warm-up will be at minimum 1 hour prior to the start of the meet.

2. CHSL Diving championships will take place one week before the state diving regionals.

3. All participating divers will be allowed to do 11 dives.

4. If the diver cannot complete 11 dives safely, they must stop at 8 dives and will be considered an exhibition diver and score no points.

5. Judging:

Each team will provide a judge for the championship meet. In the event, the diving coach is unavailable the teams’ head coach will judge diving.

6. Dive Meeting

Officials meeting with divers will take place 15 minutes prior to the start of the dive competition.