Swimming Regulations- Catholic High School League

girls Swimming Regulations


(Executive Athletic Board approved 9-8-15)

  1. The League Office recommends that all swim coaches be registered in the State as a swim official.
  2. A registered-certified lifesaving person should be present at all practices and meets.
  3. A student may not enter the Championship Meet if his or her high school does not have a team entered in the Catholic League. The League Director may grant waiver provided League Fees are paid.
  4. A contestant having been entered in any event may not be scratched or withdrawn from this event and the entry changed to another event.
  5. The EVENTS and their ORDER will be determined by the ratification of the Michigan High School Athletic Association.

Championship Information

  1. Admission fees to the Championship Meet will be set by the Catholic League Director.
  2. A contestant may compete only in the legal number of events.
  3. Each school may enter four (4) contestants in each event. One (1) card for each contestant in Individual Events.
  4. The number of divers may not be more than four (4) from each school. Each contestant shall submit a list of their dives on the entry form.
  5. For relays, only one (1) team from each school allowed in the Championship Meet.
  6. There shall be no changes in the relay teams after you have qualified for the Finals, unless they are on your entry sheet.
  7. A diver cannot change his/her dives after the preliminaries begin. Each diver must deliver, before the preliminaries begin, a statement of his/her dives to the Meet Director, the day of the Meet. However, divers names must be entered on the entry form.
  8. No practice will be allowed until two (2) hours before the Meet, at the Championship site.
  9. Catholic League Swim records may be set in the preliminaries or Finals of the Meet.
  10. The eight (6) (8) best contestants, in all swim events, will qualify for the Finals.
  11. Lanes for the preliminaries and the Finals will be assigned by having the fastest time placed on the center line and so on to the outside lanes.
  12. Championship Scoring:
    1. Free Style and Medley Relays: 32-26-24-22-20-18-14-12-10-8-6-4-2
    2. Individual Events: 16-13-12-11-10-9-8-5-4-3-2-1
    3. Dual Meets: scoring per National Federation Rule Book.
  13. In the Case of ties, the points will be divided equally.
  14. Deadline date for Swim Championship entries will be one (1) week prior to the preliminary date. Late entries will not be accepted, and will deprive a swimmers chance to compete.