Tennis Regulations- Catholic High School League

girls Tennis Regulations


  1. A contestant in Tennis may compete in no more than nine (9) sets per day, either in the Singles or Doubles Play; but not both.
    1. Each team shall consist of twelve (12) players. All matches score one (1) point. Four (4) Singles and four (4) Doubles matches shall be played. Permission from the League Director is required to deviate from the above.
  2. The Home Team shall designate the court, secure the same for the match and notify the League Office and their opponents.
  3. The home team shall furnish balls to be used in matches.
  4. Before the match starts, coaches are to exchange their list of players.
  5. All League Dual matches are to start no later than 4:00 p.m., unless mutually agreed upon by both opponents. Have your permits and be ready to play.
  6. The coach or faculty moderator must be present during all league matches. If the school is not represented by an adult, then the match shall be forfeited. (see CHSL Regulation 10 A on Forfeits).
  7. The best player on a team should be playing number one. It is a violation of ethics for a team to use a system of stacking players.
  8. At the conclusion of the league dual matches, the League shall have a League Tournament.
  9. If a tie exists (exact league records) in the standings for Sectional Champion, the tie shall be broken as follows:
    1. Head to head match winner between the tied teams,
      -- if still tied --
    2. Margin of victory in matches between tied teams,
      -- if still tied --
    3. Margin of victory in matches against common sectional opponents.
  10. All other Rules and Regulations regulated by the Michigan High School Athletic Association, National Federation Rule Books and C.H.S.L. Regulations set forth in others sections of manual are in effect. When in doubt, call the League Office (313-237-5960).