Track Regulations- Catholic High School League

boys Track Regulations


  1. If a contestant competes in a track meet in violation on any of the limitations of competition, all points earned by him/her in that event or by a relay team of which he may have been a member, are to be declared forfeited.
  2. New Track and Field records must be made at the League Preliminary, Semi-Finals or Final Track and Field Meet, with regulation set officials conducting the meets.
  3. Contestant must participate in the event and heat drawn up by the Director and officials. Special request for changes may be granted by the Director.
  4. All track meet starting times must be adhered to or, otherwise, mutually agreed upon by the opponents.
  5. Order of Events: See Track Bulletin.
  6. League Meet dates have precedent over all other non-league events.
  7. Catholic League qualifiers must complete League commitments or face loss of awards and suspensions.
  8. Late entries will not be accepted! Track Coaches Committee shall meet prior to start of season to cover special situations such as:
    a. Cut-off times and qualifications.
    b. Competition as to Section and Class.
    c. Preliminaries - Semi-Final qualifiers.
    d. Special Meet Regulations.
  9. All scheduled duals shall be run as scheduled. Schools are not allowed to combine to gain days of competition.
  10. All other Rules and Regulations regulated by the Michigan High School Athletic Association, National Federation Rule Books and the C.H.S.L. Regulations set forth in other sections of manual, are in effect. When in doubt, call the League Office (237-5960).

Track and Field Tie-Breaker

Only one (1) team shall be declared Sectional Champions. In the event that one or more teams is tied the first tie-breaker is to count the head-to-head number of first place event finishes among the tied teams. The second tie-breaker would be first place event finishes among all sectional opponents. Approved 10/5/2004.

During League Dual meets, the National Federation rules will apply.